Discover Web3 Games Instantly with GameSwift’s Revolutionary Passwordless Sign-on System

• GameSwift has launched an all-in-one web3 gaming platform with a revolutionary passwordless sign-on system and inbuilt wallet to help bring gamers into web3.
• The platform aims to streamline onboarding processes, enable in-game transactions, and make it easier for even crypto newbies to explore the web3 world.
• The company has secured strategic partnerships with Polygon and Casper Network to accelerate the mass adoption of web3 games.

GameSwift Launches Web3 Gaming Platform

GameSwift has unveiled its all-in-one Platform for playing and building web3 games – featuring an innovative passwordless sign-on system with an integrated wallet that offers seamless onboarding for games and players.

Revolutionary Passwordless Sign-On System

The newly released GameSwift Platform comes with GameSwift ID – a revolutionary passwordless sign-on system with built-in wallet that simplifies onboarding processes for gamers seeking a smooth experience in the web3 world, even without blockchain knowledge. It also allows users to easily store passwords and seed phrases without fear, process transactions without prior knowledge, and access universal logins from services like Google or Facebook.

Strategic Partnerships With Polygon & Casper Network

GameSwift’s strategic partnerships with Polygon and Casper Network are aimed at accelerating the mass adoption of web3 games by providing an easy way for new players to discover quality information, navigate different chains, create wallets, enjoy zero gas fees gaming, cash out rewards via bankcard payments, and more!

User Friendly Solution For Mass Adoption Of Web3 Gaming

Thanks to this user friendly solution offered by GameSwift Platform, even those without blockchain knowledge can join the exciting new world of web3 gaming. With its comprehensive hub for gamers seeking an optimal experience in the decentralized space, it is well positioned to help drive mass adoption of this technology.


GameSwift’s innovative platform is designed to make it easier than ever before for mainstream gamers to explore the exciting world of decentralized gaming thanks to its user friendly features such as passwordless sign on system with integrated wallet and strategic partnerships with major industry players like Polygon and Casper Network.