Brazilian fund with cryptoactive exposure rises 43% and exceeds Bitcoin in valuation in 2021

Brazilian fund approved by CVM surpasses Bitcoin in valuation in 2021 and registers a high of over 43%

Brazilian fund with cryptoactive exposure rises 43% and exceeds Bitcoin in valuation in 2021NOTÍCIAS

In 2021 alone, the price of Bitcoin had already risen more than 39% to US$ 42,000.

However, in Brazil, a multimarket fund approved by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) that has exposure to cryptoactives has achieved a higher valuation than BTC and reached a higher profitability of 43%.

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Thus Hashdex Criptoativos Voyager Fim IE showed a valuation of 43.66%, surpassing Bitcoin in the period. However, in addition to outperforming the BTC in valuation in the month, the fund is still the most profitable in Brazil in the last 6 months with a high of 236.45%.

The fund offers 100% exposure in cryptomorphic and reflects the Hashdex Digital Assets Index (Nasdaq: HDAI) which is composed of several crypto currencies (Bitcoin 78.57%, Ethereum 14.76%, Litecoin 1.20%, Bitcoin Cash 1.10%, Polkadot 0.94%, Chainlink 0.69%, Stellar 0.69%, Binance Coin 0.66%, EOS 0.36%, TRON 0.26%, NEM 0.23%, Tezos 0.21%, Cosmos 0.17%, Neo 0.16%). The cryptoactives in the index are reviewed quarterly.

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Voyager Criptoactives Fim IE charges a 1% administration fee per year and there is no performance fee and can be purchased from brokers XP Investimentos, BTG, Warren, Guide, Genial, Icap, Necton, RIco, Órama, Easyinvest, ativa and Mycap.

QR leads among brokers
Although Hashdex Crypto Assets Fim IE has the best performance in the month and in the last 6 months, BLP Crypto Assets Fim IE, which also offers exposure in cryptomorphs, is the second most profitable in the last 6 months in Brazil with about 151.46% appreciation.

The fund invests 98 percent in cryptomaps (80 percent in the largest cryptomaps by market capitalisation and 20 percent in smaller tokens with the aim of overcoming the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index (BGCI) and 2 percent in fixed income and other investment funds.

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With regard to the profitability in the last month, the brokerage house that has the average of most profitable funds is QR, with its 3 funds (including the one in partnership with Vitreo) with more than 30% valuation in the period.

The company has three funds QR BTC MAX FIM IE, QR Blockchain Assets Fim IE or VTR QR Crypto Fim IE, all three with exposure in cryptoactives, the first being QR BTC MAC, 100% invested in Bitcoin and the others composed of a basket of cryptoactives composed of 70% by bitcoin and the other 30% by various cryptoactives such as Ethereum and Chainlink, among others (seeks to reflect Empiricus: Exponential Coins).

All three QR funds can be purchased at Brokers Guide, Órama, Necton, Warren and Genial Investimentos; also available at QR Asset Management website.