Because after it has been emerging for a long time, it is now official:

But instead of writing a sad obituary here, I’ve just rounded up some of the beautiful memories that Bitcoiners from all over the world shared on Twitter.

And the global Bitcoin community has a big tear in its buttonhole

The Room 77 – the legendary Kreuzberg pub, which in 2011 was the first shop in the world where you could pay with Bitcoin, where the first beer for Lightning went over the counter, in which the first mobile Bitcoin wallet was written, on whose sofas websites such as LocalBitcoins were launched and in which all journalists ran by default for years when they had to write or record an article about Bitcoin and in which so much more happened so the meatspace institution when it came to Bitcoin – makes finally sealed .

I think that shows best what a special place the room was and what significance it had for many people

By the way, my best experience (in addition to some interesting evenings and celebrations) was the interview I had there with Jörg Platzer for my radio feature on 10 years of Bitcoin , while we were sitting on the very worn sofas on which the world is changing without that she noticed anything.