Artist Raises $150K in Bitcoin With Lightning & Ordinal Inscriptions

• Taproot Wizards and Udi Wertheimer helped the creator of the original 2013 bitcoin wizard meme raise nearly $150,000 in Bitcoin.
• Payments were made mainly from NFT enjoyers who downloaded a lightning wallet for the first time.
• The sale did not receive positive reactions from Bitcoin maximalists and r/bitcoin moderator Bashco.

The Creation of Original Bitcoin Wizard Meme

The artist behind the original 2013 bitcoin wizard meme was able to successfully mint and sell a collection of ordinal inscriptions to celebrate its 10th anniversary with the help of Taproot Wizards and crypto advocate Udi Wertheimer. This resulted in an impressive 6 BTC or close to $150,000 worth of payments coming mainly from NFT enjoyers who used Bitcoin (BTC) and Lightning Network for the first time.

Maximalists Criticism

Despite this success, some members of the Bitcoin community still expressed disapproval towards this particular effort – especially those belonging to a group referred to as “maximalists”. Notable among them was r/bitcoin moderator Bashco, who expressed his dislike on Twitter by saying that JPEGs are evil.

Response From Crypto Community

This didn’t sit well with other members of the crypto community, as evidenced by one user’s comment asking why bitcoin maximalists want it to be world currency yet cannot buy JPEGs with it? To answer this question, Wertheimer clarified that most “Bitcoiners aren’t like this“ – thus emphasizing that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to maximalists‘ criticism against certain efforts within the space.


Overall, while there may be criticisms here and there over certain projects within the cryptocurrency space, it’s important to note that these do not necessarily reflect everyone’s opinion or stand on any given matter. In addition, with such successful stories as this one involving Mavensbot’s meme artwork raising nearly $150K through BTC-enabled donations via Lightning Network – we can only hope that more people will be encouraged to explore what blockchain technology has to offer beyond just money transfers or trading activities.


At its core, this story serves as an example of how blockchain technology can provide avenues for creative endeavors within our society – something which is often overlooked due its focus on financial applications alone.